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Evaluation of Kunshan MaiYang Electric Motorcycles Titans, Generals Demeanor
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  The electric motorcycle to its name, Evaluation of Kunshan MaiYang Electric Motorcycles Titans, Generals Demeanor. Today, in the beautiful lakeside, bringing the Kunshan Maiyang another masterpiece - the Titans. The name might sound, I feel very domineering, of course, the E-Motorcycle itself is worthy of the name. We feel zero distance this Titans, we conducted a detailed "Anatomy" Here are pictures and the truth, and the picture consistent with the physical, not a gourmet restaurant that you see in the picture, for reference only.             The body length is long enough to take two big boys also no pressure. Body design simple and engaging, black and green mix just right, neither dull nor publicity. It uses LED cat's eye headlights, daytime lights are bright at night as more cat-like poly eye.               It is worth mentioning that the Titans are dual controllers, dual-motor configuration, more powerful.              First, we were one hundred meters of the E-motorcycle accelerated test, measured down to about 8 seconds, this figure should be said to be considerable. Titans with a maximum speed of 60 yards, so acceleration is properly, braking distance also to the force.        Titans dual dynamic advantage is that can load 300 kg climbing, in the evaluation process is the breakthrough success of 42 ¡ã steep slopes.        Perhaps you naked eye can not see the steep slope, at the scene we went up all out of breath, really steep. Perhaps you have seen a lot of good power electric E- motorcycle, but like so powerful Titans also saving really not many, in the process of moving, Titans with the minimum current is only 5A.The whole experience down, Titans have many advantages, for riding population base is very broad, even if not in the city, in some relatively rugged countryside road Titans completely no problem.

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